UltraSurf Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X, Linux

The  UltraSurf  is a program that allows you to access any Web page blocked without leaving any trace. With the tool “hands on”, you can browse anonimante because the historic is automatically deleted as soon as you finish using it. Download Free UltraSurf and browse quiet!

The software is ideal for students and employees to access certain websites, especially social networking –  Twitter  and  Facebook  – in schools and companies that normally block the computers.

By downloading and using UltraSurf, your privacy is guaranteed, since cookies are not stored and the user’s IP is not revealed. Protection is enhanced by the algorithm SSL, the same protection offered to banks and online stores.

How does UltraSurf

What guarantees complete anonymity for their activities online is how UltraSurf works. The application requires no installation, and is used from a USB stick or run from an e-mail. In addition, it functions as a kind of proxy that encrypts connections and seeks stick address blocks.

Using UltraSurf

By using UltraSurf, a padlock appears in the corner of your screen, indicating that the information is sent encrypted to the computer that performs the connections.

Thus, not only is it possible to circumvent the blocking of websites, but also change the IP of the user, preventing the monitoring of their activities by third parties and ensuring total privacy. Automatically when leaving the UltraSurf, cookies and history are erased, eliminating any trace of visitation banned sites.

Although it is excellent for what it proposes, UltraSurf has some flaws. Some antivirus fire threat warnings when running the software. There is a considerable loss of speed in the connection and the software can be locked for use through the port it uses to communicate with the Internet. Be sure to download the UltraSurf right now – is efficient and free!


By downloading the UltraSurf, you will surf the internet without a trace, and very simply. The program is portable and requires no installation, that is, once you run it, a window opens. The software erases any “step” you provided automatically. And best of all: it is soft to use and it is still free!

The bad part is that it does not work in Google Chrome. And, to be used in Mozilla Firefox, you need to download an additional program. In contrast, users of Internet Explorer will not find any problem in using it. Let’s hope the next versions are compatible with other browsers!

Another point that can be seen as negative for many is the language. It is entirely in English, which can be a complicating factor for those who do not speak the language.

UltraSurf is a great option for those who usually sail in Internet cafes or other locations that computers are shared, such as in laboratories of universities and colleges, for example. Worth checking out!

UltraSurf Download

UltraSurf Download

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UltraSurf Download For Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Mac OS X, Linux, 6.4 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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