Download Mobizen For Android, PC [Windows XP, 7, 8]

Mobizen is a program that mirrors the computaodr the screen of your smartphone or tablet equipped with the mobile operating system from Google. So you can see everything that goes on in portable electronic directly from your PC monitor. However, this application goes further and allows you to even interact with Android through this software for Windows.

This way, you can view photos, play videos, listen to music, write documents and even play games on the green little robot platform using the computer only. It’s worth noting that for the service to work properly, you also need to install the version of Mobizen on your Android.

Here and there

Connectivity promoted by Mobizen between the laptop and the computer can occur in three ways: via USB cable (the fastest and stable), through a WiFi network or even 3G and 4G data networks (such cases is suggested that the band has used good speed to prevent lag and disconnections).

After you make a synchronization of devices – you learn to do this in the next section – you can do much more than just seeing what is being displayed on your smartphone or tablet and interact with it using the keyboard and the computer mouse. The Mobizen also offers additional tools for better interaction experience.

These resources are screenshots capture the, video recording and creating drawings with virtual brushes. Finally, the Mobizen also provides the file transfer function, enabling you to send photos, videos, music and any other PC content for Android and vice versa.

Review Of Mobizen

If you are looking for an alternative interaction with your Android or log some actions taken on your smartphone or tablet or need to transfer files between your laptop and the computer, worth trying what Mobizen has to offer.

Access, record and transfer

More than mirror of your gadget on your PC screen, it allows you to command resources, apps and Google system games directly from the machine using keyboard and mouse. That is, you can convey absolutely everything that appears on the gadget of the display to the monitor.

The Mobizen differentials are related to the screenshots capture functions and videos and photo sharing, recordings, music, and other content types – functions that are rarely found in other software in this category.

Connection flexibility

Another very positive point Mobizen is flexibility when connecting devices and synchronize data. You can choose to establish a connection between the laptop and the computer using a USB cable, a WiFi network or a network of mobile data 3G and 4G.

This feature gives great freedom so you can take advantage of the features offered by the service in a variety of situations and locations, either sitting on the office desk, on the sofa, in the airport lounge or waiting room at the dentist.

Modern and functional

The Mobizen interface has a modern and cool look – including the program identifies what the handset used and applies a frame that mimics the real electronic.

Thus, their interaction with the software occurs in an uncomplicated way and can be very easily assimilated by anyone, even for those who can’t speak English. Maybe, who do not really understand that language may find some difficulty in time to set it up. However, none of the questions that may arise will be so complex that a brief search on the Internet can not solve.

The performance of Mobizen, we have a caveat. Although he has made all of the commanded actions as it should, laptop screen playback on the computer showed a response somewhat slow, even using the USB cable, and it may bother those who need faster performance – an example are developers need to test their apps and games.


Interface organized and beautiful
Easy to use
Mirrors any content on your computer
Enables file transfers between PC and gadget
Different ways of connecting devices


Answer a little slow


Download Mobizen For Android

Download Mobizen For PC [Windows XP, 7, 8]

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