Aoao Video to Picture Converter Download For Windows PC

Aoao Video to Picture Converter is a tool that lets you extract images and animations in GIF any video stored on your computer. The program includes options pear select clip excerpts to create still images and allows the user to customize some technical details.

To start using the Aoao Video to Picture Converter, you should choose a video stored on your computer to extract the images. To do this, tap “laod” at the top of the window, and navigate through your directories to find the desired file. The program supports the following formats: AVI, MPG, WMV, MKV, MOV, MP4, 3GP, RMVB and others.

After inserting the video in Aoao Video to Picture Converter editing area, you should select the text you want to use to extract the images. Use the selection tabs of the progress bar or click the button that brings an icon of a camera when taking a picture at any time.

Now Customize

With the selected part, you can leave for the output settings. “Resize”, you can resize the image resolution; with “Effect” you choose a filter to an embellishment; “Frame rate” allows you to choose the frame rate per second; and “Output Format” determines the file extension of the output images.

This is where you choose whether you want a static or animated image in GIF. When all this is done, click “Convert” and wait for the completion of the procedure. The folder where the images were saved to be opened automatically after that.


Review Of Aoao Video to Picture Converter

Aoao Video to Picture Converter is a very simple to use tool that helps you extract static and animated images from any video stored on your PC. It does not take many clicks to get some good results with the program, and it even has some shortcuts on the interface to make everything more practical.

Speaking of interface, it is beautiful and very organized. There are many menus or options scattered around the main window, and just about everything you need is just a click away. The customization options are shown in large buttons on the bottom of the window. Once used, they show how they are defined all the time. With this, you do not need to access the options again just to see if everything is already set up the way you want.

Good results, but …
In our tests, we managed to extract still images and animations with relative ease. The results were very good, but as we are talking about a version trial , all images made ​​with Aoao Video to Picture Converter leave with a red watermark in the middle, showing a URL for you to buy the full version of the software .

So if you were looking for a program with many customization options and is compatible with various file formats to generate static or animated images from videos, Aoao Video to Picture Converter is a good option. The problem is that it only serves to something after purchased. In version tests, the results are unusable.

Download Aoao Video to Picture Converter

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